The escalating tension between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump

For centuries humanity has lived an existence riddled with not only ceaseless war, chaos and conflict but the ever perpetual skirmish for either ecological, political or financial stability within the global community .Nevertheless regardless of this veracity it can be noted that the 21st century has brought about not only the greatest configurations,with regard to not only the human collective assemble but the global community as a political amphitheatre. Conversely after so much progress could we the inhabitants of global community once again be under the threat of extinction as a corollary of mutually assured nuclear destruction. With tensions escalating between Kim Jong Un’s regime within the state of North Korea and America, we have to ask ourselves are we facing another Cuban missile crises. It is as a consequence of this actuality that in this article I will be discussing the relationship between North Korea and America in today’s global epoch. I will then secondly provide a brief description with regard to Kim Jong Un’s rise to power, followed by my opinionated synopsis with regard to what this quandary means for the comprehensive society.

The United States and Korea formed diplomatic associations throughout the course of the 1882 treaty of Peace, Amity, Commerce and Navigation. Nevertheless in 1910 Japan began a 35-year colonial rule over this continuity with regard to not only it’s populace but external affairs. Conversely after Japans surrender, towards the final chapters of World War II in 1945 the populations of this peninsula finally gained stability when it was divided at the 38th parallel into two separate occupation zones. This development did however lead to the creation of a bipolar retort being placed on this region with the United States ruling in the South whilst the Soviet Union ruled in the North. As a consequence of this veracity in 1948,two separate states where established the Republic of Korea in the south and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in the north.

This actuality does however nonetheless imply the current conflict between these two states is a corollary of the dimensions brought about by the Cold War. The ‘Cold War’ with regard to the Soviet Union and United States after World War II refers not only to a battle for global pre-eminence but hegemonic supremacy. This actuality can however be noted through an observation of the first clash between these constituencies towards the second half of the 20th century. As a consequence of rising tensions brought about by these hegemonic states battle for global supremacy.On June 25th 1950, the military forces of North Korea began their invasion of South Korea. As a corollary, this endemic resulted in a coalition of 16 countries led by the United States mounting to defend this expanse. However, once The Republic of China entered the war on behalf of North Korea a stalemate ensued creating the foundations far another precarious event similar to the Cuban missile crises.

Nonetheless, peace was finally achieved between these two regions on July 2nd 1953.Even though a peace treaty was never actually signed between these two groups a stable co-exsistence has been established.Many academics argue that although it may not be as visible in today’s global epoch but elements of the Cold War can still be noted in Korea with regard to present day politics of the 21st century. North Korea has been ruled by successive generations of the Sung family from 1971 with all internal economic and political structure being centrally controlled. It is however as a result of this veracity that we question, could the president of North Korea through his actions with regard to recent politics exacerbate a war with the United States?In 1994,the United States and North Korea settled on an agreement with regard to a procedure for denuclearization within the Korean Peninsula. However, although North Korea led by Kim Jong Un has assured the United States they would begin the process of denuclearization in following years North Korea has continued to conduct both tests and experiments in violation of intercontinental edict.

Several of these tests do however include two nuclear tests in addition to over 20 ballistic missile launches in 2016 alone. Fearing the situation in North Korea Donald Trump ordered the deployment of a navy aircraft carrier into Japanesse waters after a extensive briefing on the severity of this situation with Chinese President Xi Jin Ping. In response to this development not only has North Korea threatened the United States with the onset of a nuclear war as tensions rise between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump.But, Kim Jong Un’s regime has promised to retaliate through a powerful form of arms. Could we be witnessing the early makings of not only another clash of opposing ideologies but two states capable of nuclear capacity? Consequently Russian tankers have reportedly supplied fuel to North Korea in violation of sanctions imposed on this state, what does this union mean for the global community especially so soon after Russia’s involvement in the United States Presidential elections.




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