What is a Society made of ?Analyzing the role of political sociology

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Although for the past century the term ‘ political theory’ was intended as a means to describe the supposition of systems or ideas nevertheless, in today’s global epoch this term has become an incredibly diverse and fluid philosophy that aims to define the process of individual behavior within interstate politics. Nonetheless, their can be no truer indicator of this than through an observation of the mechanics involved in political sociology. On the other hand, although this political theory has often been used as a fundamental element in the analysis of the political process it is not without its flaws and challenges. Comparatively, it is as a direct result of this fact that in this symposium I will be discussing what society is made with regard to the ideals of political sociology in addition to what relationship exists between its components with regard to the principals and ideals of pacifism.

What is Political Sociology

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Sociology is defined through the process of how institutions and cultures influence a populace behavior in the physical environment. Furthermore, sociology refers to the study of social life, social change and social causes on the basis of human behavior. Comparatively, political sociology is a term used to describe not only the power and relationship between societies but nation-states. Nevertheless, as a consequence of this veracity a large focus in this realm of academic philosophy rotates around development of a interstates administrative framework in addition to socio-political change. Furthermore, although certain areas of political philosophy may overlap with it’s original methodology, this framework places an emphasis on the analysis of micro and macro elements within a social environment and how they affect state ‘culture’.

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Nonetheless, since the dimensions of sociology in the realm of political analytics deals more or less almost all activity and events that take place at either a local, national or European level. Comparatively, when this phrase is used within developing nations this term begins to be used as a means to indicate a nation-states desire to restore its administrative mechanics to its full potential within the spectrum of social politics. It is however as a direct result of this consequence that Sociological philosophy dictates the investigation of a societies structure as well as cultural groups within a populace.

Origin of the Phrase

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What’s More, although the term political Sociology inherently originated as a phrase to describe the study of power and relationships between societies, states and conflict this term was however only first coined at the turn of the 20th century. Furthermore, although this term only emerged as a separate sub ology of sociology following the second World War the inherent use of this phrase as an ongoing interstate process was first integrated and coined in the writings of Alexis de Tocqueville, Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim in addition to Max Weber. This field of sociology did on the other hand emerge as a result of a desire to articulate the new atmospheric socio-political landscape in a post war society.

Role of Political Sociology in state security

In the 21st century however, in comparison to all other disciplines in the realm of politics ‘security’, especially with regard to the state has not traditionally been a central focal point of sociological research .Nonetheless, over the past decade this is slowly beginning to change as nations attempt to further the attempts at social stability in a ever changing milieu.

Challenges to Political Sociology

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Although, since the turn of the century political sociology has brought much new evidence to the philosophical and academic arena on the basis of political participation, voting, anti democratic right wing and left wing extremism, it has not been without its disadvantages. Nevertheless, as a direct result of on over emphasis on the study analytics in political sociology culture through language, symbolism in addition to media institutional has began to be seen as central element with regard to the exercise of power within interstate politics. Furthermore, data and methodological integration have become highly sought after in comparison to other renewable state soco-economic resources.


Hence Fourth in conclusion, it is my belief that in order to tackle the challenges brought on by political sociology as political scientists we must first ensure that we study and evaluate the dimensions of political sociology in objectivity. This means analyzing action and movement in the socio-political arena in an focused and unsympathetic capability in addition to the principals of pacifism. Furthermore, although Political sociology as a sub ology of philosophy has added many new factors with regards to interstate politics, in order to further tackle the challenges brought on by this study it is important that we not ignore persisting facets as well.


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